2022 TIE - 材料化工與奈米

濱海場域耐候防蝕太電邊框新材料與應用技術 The New Material and Application Technology of Weather-resistant and Anti-corrosion solar photovoltaics frame in coastal field
超細長纖維不織布技術 Nonwoven Fabrics of Ultrafine Long Fibers
精準機能噴塗面料技術 Precise Inkjet Printing Technology for Fabrics
B4C 陶瓷抗彈鎧甲 B4C Ballistic Ceramic Armor
二氧化碳合成低碳排甲醇技術 Production of Methanol from CO₂ with Low Carbon Emission
二氧化碳合成高值樹脂(環碳酸酯)與應用技術 Preparation and Application of CO₂-based Cyclic Carbonate Resin
長航時燃料電池無人機 Long-Endurance Fuel Cell Powered UAV
高溫耐腐蝕之化合物半導體製程用載盤 High Temperature and Anti-corrosion Compound Semiconductor Process Carrier