2022 TIE - 電子與光電

全球首創 超薄 微型 QD LED Ultra Thin Light QD LED backlight
多角度外掛式多頻譜影像色彩擷取擷取系統 plug-in Multi-angle multi-spectrum image color capture system
高精準手術導航輔助系統 High-accuracy Surgical Navigation Assistance System
整合主被動元件之面板級封裝 RDL 中介層技術 Panel Level Fan-out RDL with Integrated Active/Passive Device Technology
高精密陣列之全彩 micro-LED 顯示元件技術 High-resolution Full-color micro-LED Display
FMCW 光達晶片與訊號驅控分析模組 Chip Scale of FMCW LiDAR and Photoelectric Drive Control Module
LED 感測陣列用於眼追蹤系統 Micro Sensor Array Eye-tracking Glass
超低繞射透明顯示技術 Low-Diffraction Transparent Display
異質整合技術 – micro-LED in cell 感測整合技術 In-cell Optical Biosensors Based on Flexible and Active Driving micro-LED Display Platform
複合式空品感測器 Composite Air Quality Sensor
複合式熱像安全防護解決方案 Smart Thermal Image Body Temperature Detection System
新世代顯示器用耐衝擊 Window film Window Film of Impact Resistance for Next-generation Display