AI 立體式智慧倉儲服務系統 AI-Based High-Density Shuttle Rack Service System
複合式衛星訊號地面接收平台 Compound Satellite Signal Receiving Ground Platform
AIdea 人工智慧解題平台 AIdea Crowd-sourcing Platform
高產量CHO-C細胞表現系統 High-yield CHO-C Expression System
安盟優視S100影像系統 ApolloVue® S100 Image System
抗細菌抗體與抗生素藥物複合體 A Novel Therapeutic Platform Against Bacterial Infections :“Antibody-Antibiotic Conjugation
新世代奈米溶液監測系統 A Novel Monitoring System for Nano Solutions
ROBOTSMITH CPS研磨拋光機器人3.0 ROBOTSMITH - CPS Grinding and Polishing Robot System
On-Line高精度雷射測厚儀系統 On-Line High Precision Laser Thickness Gauge System
全球首創 超薄 微型QD LED Ultra Thin Light QD LED backlight
多角度外掛式多頻譜影像色彩擷取擷取系統 plug-in Multi-angle multi-spectrum image color capture system
高精準手術導航輔助系統 High-accuracy Surgical Navigation Assistance System
濱海場域耐候防蝕太電邊框新材料與應用技術 The New Material and Application Technology of Weather-resistant and Anti-corrosion solar photovoltaics frame in coastal field
超細長纖維不織布技術 Nonwoven Fabrics of Ultrafine Long Fibers
精準機能噴塗面料技術 Precise Inkjet Printing Technology for Fabrics
高性價比的氫燃料電池 High Cost-Performance Ratio Hydrogen Fuel Cell System Low cost 60kW fuel cell system with metal plate stack
電動車用高能量/高安全樹脂固態電池 High Energy and Safety Polymer Solid Lithium Ion Batteries in EV Application
嚴苛腐蝕環境用太陽能支撐架 Solar Panel Brackets for Extremely Corrosive Environments
WiFi Radar生理感測技術 WiFi Radar Vital Signs Detection
AI感知技術 A Companion Robot Incorporates Ambient Intelligence for Seniors Living Alone
行動智慧視窗 Most Light-weighted Mobile Smart Sport Lens