iPMx 核酸分子快速檢驗系統

iPMx Molecular Rapid Test System
iPMx核酸分子快速檢驗系統,以創新機構設計,搭配溫度控制,實現聚合酶鏈鎖反應( PCR),並研發專屬的光學即時偵測模組,具高精準(90%以上)、高靈敏(0-7天內)、高輕巧(600g)、高效率(1hr以內),可應用於新興或現行傳染性疾病之檢測。
The iPMx Molecular Rapid Test System adopted an innovative mechanism design with temperature control to achieve PCR. A highly accurate (above 90%), highly sensitive (0-7 days), light-weighted (600g), and highly efficient (within an hour) dedicated optical real-time detection module is also developed for the detection of emerging or existing infectious diseases.