C-V2X 車聯網技術解決方案

C-V2X Internet of Vehicles Technology Solution
整合DSRC車聯網場域經驗,投入3GPP所定義之C-V2X PC5技術研發;除發展底層通訊協定外,並於上層開發SPaT智慧時相路口應用,建立國內首套C-V2X通訊與應用之ADB Roadside infrastructure,及C-V2X智慧路口防撞系統,提升自駕車主動防護能力。
The DSRC Vehicle-to-Everything field test experiences have been integrated and applied in developing C-V2X PC5 technology defined by 3GPP. We developed the base communication protocols and upper SPaT intelligent intersection applications to establish the first ADB Roadside infrastructure for C-V2X communication and application and C-V2X intelligent intersection collision avoidance systems. It enhances the active protection capabilities of autonomous vehicles.