AI 立體式智慧倉儲服務系統

AI-Based High-Density Shuttle Rack Service System
電商物流少量多樣,節慶訂單暴增,出貨不夠快怎麼辦?AI 立體式智慧倉儲服務系統讓庫存量增加2.5倍,運輸時間節省60%,進出貨準確度從75%優化至90%,節省53%人員揀貨工時與71%移動距離,有效縮短接單到出貨的時間,高峰期有效提升10倍貨量,商機看得到也吃得到。
E-commerce logistics must achieve small-volume and large-variety. Facing surging orders during holidays, what should we do if the shipment is not fast enough? AI-based High-Density Shuttle Rack Service System increases the storage capacity by 2.5 times, saves up to 60% of shipping time, improves the incoming and outgoing accuracy from 75% to 90%, and saves 53% of manual picking time and 71% of moving distance. It effectively reduces the time from order to shipment and increases shipment tenfold during peak seasons so that distributors can seize the business opportunities.