5G MR 無人機競技

5G MR Competitive Drone
結合5G直播、數位影像傳輸、以及混合實境技術,打造全球首航的臺灣無人機競技比賽。其中,5G 低延遲數位影像傳輸,提供競技無人機數位FPV影像,達1080p@120fps,傳輸延遲<50ms,並支援一對多直播。另外,新興虛實互動遊戲模式,整合MR虛擬物件與特效,以及虛實操控反饋技術。
The World's first competitive drone race in Taiwan combines 5G streaming, digital video transmission, and mixed reality technology. The 5G low-latency digital video transmission provides racing drones digital FPV video up to 1080p@120fps with a latency of less than 50ms. It also supports one-to-many live broadcasting. In addition, the novel MR interactive game integrates MR virtual objects, special effects, and augmented reality control feedback technologies.